Monday, December 31, 2012

The Start

I'm in early drafting phases of the bourbon guide I'm making for The Trip. The outline shifts and expands every time I have a new idea. I get a new idea with every paragraph I read online.

I'm in the manic research mode of a project, and it's fun as heck. It is New Year's Eve, and I just gave up going out partying with my awesome friends to stay in and READ about drinking. Mamagaard and Papagaard trained us to be critical thinkers about everything we pupae do, it makes you enjoy them more, is the argument for this. I must enjoy them so much they never actually get experienced.

Or, Kiddo is just a nerd. You be the judge.

So far the guide is like reading this here blog, if ever I could focus this here blog on some subject or other. The loose idea of travel is pretty stretched if you ask me. Life is a journey, surely, and each experience I've had does reflect the culture in which I find it... but... yea, you're all right, it's not necessarily related.

Knowing this, knowing a whole 100 pages really have to tie into the same three things over and over again means the writing actually happens far more fluidly. Thoughts appear, and are shunted into the sections that seem most appropriate. Then comes the justification. Why is this thought relevant? Why should it not be deleted before it is finished?

Mostly everything gets kept, (manic phase is maximalist phase) but I am proud to say that each scrap of paragraph does tie into the thesis: Teach Kiddo Bourbon, with the subtitle: What is Love?

It's a good time. 


jumpingintomylife said...

Happy New Year! I'm so enjoying your blog!

Kiddo said...

Thank you, and I'm glad! I couldn't find yours ... get on that!

Bob said...

Hmmm...I feel like I'm always experiencing life, both before, during, and after I think about it....