Friday, December 28, 2012

Travel vs. Settle

One day maybe I'll get around to attacking the word "Settle" with all the vehemence and understanding my 19 little readers have come to expect from me. Until then, know this: I have settled.

With varying levels of deliberation I have an apartment, steady job, close family, prospects of love, and definite stakes driven into the dull Maryland ground.

Kiddo's new goal is to not go crazy mad with the pressure of staying still. Luckily, that looks no where close since each of the above-mentioned stakes are apparently made of some quantum flux material.

And, my first travel since stepping off the Peace Corps boat is in the planning stages. I have been planning it for 12 hours now, and am stoked. At long last, after a couple brushes with Possibility, Kiddo will tipple the bourbons of Louisville straight from the casks.

Stay tuned for details as my crazy motivation for motion keeps me pounding out some sweet entries.

Downside: I'll have to start logging into facebook again.

Le sigh.

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