Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I've done the basic packing for a little trip. Back pack. lots of under, lots of socks, some inter-changeable shirts, one pair jeans, one pair sleepy pants.

I'll bring one pair of ostentatious earrings. Probably no pretty shoes or necklace. A first aid kit. Mascara.

It's almost tempting to pack more than one bag. Hunter and I are taking an entire car. We'll have all the room in the world. This affords me one basket of dried goods. It also means I can't plug Dido, my iphone, in. hrm. I've re-structured the music scene lately. Thanks to getting this sweet new Dell lap top, courtesy of IT at The Company, I've had to restructure just about everything. It, for the first time, was not fun.

Anyway, Music. I've found old files from various places and four distinct external hardrives (none held the poetry backlog of Kiddo's juvenile genius). They are all consolidated in an iTunes folder outside The Company server.

Then I bought some Johnny Flynn. Look to the Gelatin Hour for a review at some point.

Kiddo's brain starts to wonder at the proliferation of names dropped in daily life. How separate are we from
A) village life
B) the suburb norm of America circa the last generation

Anyway, Music. Johnny Flynn is blowing my blonde little mind, and I'm super excited -- I just bought blank CDs from the CVS on my corner mid-commute, and can burn some for drive. 

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