Saturday, February 16, 2013

Travel Makes Thoughts Bullet Points

- Hotels in Hollows: They don't exist. Didn't see one between routes 81 and 75.

- But what was really perplexing to me was Louisville itself. I have the impression it's a fantastic city, but right when it should be most beautiful, it chokes.

- Pappy Van Winkle. Disappointing? What's the deal?

- A good bartender makes all the difference. Especially for extroverts.

- lack of coffee shops. vice Michigan, what causes that? what is the attitude difference?

- So much time with Hunter is fun and nice.

Time will come for following up. For now, we're going to explore Frankfort (not named for the German town, so Hunter's idea bout eating frankfurters a la Lady and the Tramp is just not in theme), and drink at Buffalo Trace today. We may see the super rich Hong Kong residents we met yesterday.


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